How important is a Therapeutic Relationship?

Individuals today seek counselling and psychotherapy for a variety of reasons.

During this process, they share their personal, deep experiences of their truest self in return for a great deal of care and support. While revealing their story they are often left in a vulnerable position. The therapist therefore has to handle the client in an extremely sensitive manner. Therefore,it can be undoubtedly said that the therapeutic relationship that is developed between the client and the therapist over the period of time is of utmost importance.

The Power of Accepting Responsibility

Personal responsibility involves taking accountability for ones' actions, together with its outcome and its impact on others. All our actions, reactions and decisions have consequences. When these results do not work as expected, we often point fingers and blame other people, situations or events. What we don’t realise however, is the negative impact such habits can have on our personal and mental wellbeing.