Psychotherapy and/or counselling are terms used to describe a range of talking therapies. The client is provided a safe environment to share how they are feeling and what is troubling them. In return the therapist/counsellor listens to them in an unbiased manner and helps them understand themselves better. All the information shared during a session is confidential and the therapist responds in an empathic respectful manner. Opposed to common beliefs, psychotherapy and/or counselling does not involve giving advice. It involves the therapist reflecting back what the client is speaking and offers them an alternative perspective, which helps them understand themselves better by making them more self aware in regard to what is troubling them followed by effective coping mechanisms and strategies.

Psychotherapy and/or counselling is very different than speaking to a friend or a family member. The counselling psychologist having been trained in various therapies understands the client and the problems they are presenting with. Furthermore, by not being actively part of their situation and circumstances, they provide an open, genuine, empathic and consistent space for the client to process their emotions, which facilitate the client’s personal growth. Furthermore, the therapeutic relationship built between the client and the therapist becomes one of the main tools, which brings about change in therapy. Through this relationship, the client gains insight, self-esteem and moves forward towards achieving their respective goals.

Psychotherapy and/or counselling cover various forms of talking therapies. However at State of Mind, we will mostly use an integrative approach in order to cater to the client’s individual concerns. This integrative approach will combine two or more therapies together in order to provide the client the most effective treatment for their respective concern. The main type of therapies used during this approach will include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), person centred/humanistic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness and motivational interviewing. In addition, if the client prefers to follow a strict method of a particular therapy; that could be discussed and provided as well.

All our services are provided on Zoom.