Traumatic experiences are always stressful, frightening and nerve wrecking. A trauma can be used to describe any incident that causes emotional pain, distress, etc. and affects their ability to cope leaving them powerless. Often after experiencing a trauma, support from ones family and friends is not sufficient enough and therefore speaking to a professional is more helpful.

Counselling and psychotherapy is extremely helpful in dealing with traumas as it provides the safe confidential environment required by the client at that time. The therapy per say would be integrative and be designed according to the respective trauma and the symptoms the client would be presenting with. Initially, the therapist would help the client process the traumatic event including flashbacks and dreams if any. Eventually, exposure therapy and mental images could be used if applicable to help the client control their distress regarding the trauma. Various cognitive behavioral strategies would also be used to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc. if any. Lastly, various effective coping strategies would be discussed, practiced and carried out according to the trauma and the client’s symptoms.