Your guide to set realistic goals for 2022

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2021 has definitely been an uncertain year. We started the year hopeful considering Covid-19, our future, and everything else. However, very soon the uncertainty came upon us and for many of us has lingered on. This uncertainty has resulted in increased anxiety, low mood, increased OCD amongst others. It, therefore, is very important that now with the new year coming, we structure ourselves in a manner that is helpful, practical, and healthy for us to reach our goals. We set goals and resolutions in a manner that not only gives us control but also a feeling of accomplishment and consistency.

How breast cancer affects mental health, an expert speaks

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The ‘C’ word today can send shivers down our spines just buy the thought alone and make us face our biggest fears. The prevalence of breast cancer today is 28%, making it more common than we think. 

The diagnosis of breast cancer itself brings a huge mixture of emotions, fear, anxiety and depression. This is true not just for the patient but also the caregivers and the family. Therefore, taking care of our mental health does not only help us emotionally but also physically and overall in our treatment.