Often when life becomes challenging, we develop unhealthy ways to cope with our problems. Self- harm or deliberately harming ourselves is one such way and includes activities like cutting, constant scratching and picking, burning oneself, abusing oneself or putting oneself in extremely risky situations. It often helps individuals distract from negative thoughts, free away from numbness and is a pathway for many to feel alive again. However, although self-harm may temporarily alleviate pain, eventually it does not help us deal with our problems in any way. Instead it causes guilt, shame, depression, social withdrawal, anger and body damage amongst others.

Counselling and psychotherapy is extremely beneficial in this field as it helps the client understand and explore their thoughts and behavior related to their self-harm. It further helps them understand the triggers and precipitating factors related to this problem. The therapist therefore helps them increase their self-esteem and develop better and healthier ways of coping with their stress, mood and other troubles.